Sunday, March 20, 2016

This Week In Colourful Cards

Well what a great week this has been for Colourful Cards.  Wednesday, my March Paper Pumpkin arrived from Stampin Up with a special note!!  "We're celebrating our third birthday and we just shipped our ONE MILLIONTH KIT!" Can you million kits, and I am told, in honour of that there will be a special gift in next months box.

I had so much fun that evening putting it together...want to know what was in the box??  Comment below and I will show you pictures.

Then Saturday I did a craft show in the beautiful town of Merrickville, displaying my colourful cards, easter treats and boxes....all for sale at fabulous low prices (well compared to the cards in the store's ha ha).  It was a fundraiser too....for the Furry Tales Rescue and A Chance Rescue and I was thrilled to hear tonight, that $2,000 was raised.  I had so much fun, chatting to people about my new passion - card making and papercrafts.  

My next craft show will be in Oxford Mills on April 9th, another fundraiser for the Girl Guides & Rangers this time.  Love sharing my new passion with others.  


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