Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mother's Day Shopping Extravaganza

This weekend, I am going to be bringing my Colourful Cards to another vendor show.  This event is a Mother's Day Shopping Extravaganza and will be held in South Mountain.  

South Mountain is not terribly far from my house, but as Megan will be driving....and I will be navigating may just take longer than normal.  For one, I don't really know my left from my right, childhood hang up I I typically point, which might confuse some people as I tend to talk with my hands.  It will be an interesting drive.  

And two, I actually don't drive!  Tried once, back home in England..couldn't co-ordinate my feet and hands, so changing gear was a challenge.  Here in Canada, I tried again.  I was turning 50 and thought I should learn before my youngest son got his license that year. Yeah that didn't work...even with an automatic car, my husband was very calm and a good teacher....but after I drove into the garage door on my second lesson.....nope, that ended the whole driving escapade.  Quite happy to be chauffeured around now, or ride my bike.

Here is a nice little card I made last night in preparation for Sunday.....

Come out and see the Colourful Cards, and the 30 other vendors there will be there.  I understand there will be a fashion show with Main Street Clothing and Stella & Dot.  Plus lunch will be available and great prizes up for grabs.  

Sunday 10:00am - 3:00pm    --    2967 Lough Rd, South Mountain


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