Sunday, April 10, 2016

Post Show...

Saturday I was at another craft fair...this time a fundraiser to help the Oxford Mills Guides and Rangers.

I met the most fabulous people there, and over 20 of my Colourful Cards went home with new owners.  I hope the person they give them to, gets as much pleasure from them, as I did in making them.  

As always, I enjoy meeting the other vendors that are there.  Heather Snow, an independent distributor with Sweetlegs had the neatest display.  Heather is from Merrickville and you can find her on Facebook - click this link.  

The most beautiful display was from Louise Thompson, a consultant with PartyLite.  The twinkling, sparkling, warm t-lights and votive candles brightened up the room. Check out Louise's website here 

The most interesting vendor was Nikoletta Voulgaris, who is a Reiki Master - Teacher from Ottawa.  She also did angel card readings too.  Her presence was hard to miss with her beautiful long curly hair....and she had on the most magnificent necklace, which I just had to touch.  The crystal just drew me in. You can find Nikoletta at

So now I have lots of cards to make this week, as Sunday I will be at another vendor/craft show.  More news on that one later this week.  Untill your colours and have a great week!!


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