Saturday, April 23, 2016

South Mountain Post Show

I am super late in blogging about this, but last Saturday I did a vendor show in South Mountain with my Colourful Cards.  The Mothers Day Shopping Extravaganza.  

While we did not have many shopper, because let's face it, the weather was so beautiful, I met the most amazing women.  All of these women have created fabulous businesses for themselves from direct sales.

Chris Clapp hands down won the most beautiful table as far as I was concerned. The colours she used to display her products reminded me of Stampin Up colours, I found myself trying to match up our inks and paper with them.  Chris is an executive consultant with Rodan+Fields, a dermatology-based skincare line.  Check out her website, and see if you can match up our inks and colours with her four skin lines, Redefine, Reverse, Soothe and Unblemish.  Leave a comment below with your suggestions and let's see if we think alike!!  Her website can be found at

The most delicious table was manned by Michelle Jackson and her daughter.  MJ's WOW Cakes.  She had three different types of cup cakes, and believe me, they were yummy.  Naturally I had to try one. She makes one of a kind cakes, amazing deserts and she specializes in nut and lactose free baking!! Check out her Facebook page here:

During the day, attendee's and vendors received a raffle ticket....for prizes donated by the vendors.  Guess who won one!!!   Me.  My prize was a pair of leggings from Tracy Raistrick of Black Sheep Leggings.  Find her on Facebook to see the vast aray of colours and designs.  Black Sheep Leggins by Tracy Raistrick.

This is the pair I won......can't wait to try them out with a lovely long summer tunic top!!

That's all for tonight soon.


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