Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jars of Love - Week #3

Hello's time for another sample of "Jar of Love", my stamp of the month for September.  This versatile photopolymer stamp set has so many pieces (37 altogether) its not hard to come up with a new card.  Check this one out.

The fireflies are so cute.   Did you know that fireflies are actually not fly's but beetles??   Yeah....and that there are about 2,000 firefly species!!  According to the National Geographic, the Fireflies light, is an intermittent light which flashes in a unique pattern to their species. Each blinking pattern is an optical signal that helps fireflies find their potential mates.   Cool eh?? I just like them because they are summer's little gift on a hot humid night.  

Want to know what I used to make this de-light-ful card??  Check the product list below. 

Product List

If you would like to know how to make your own Colourful Cards, please see the tab above CLASSES AND EVENTS for the next Class and Club dates.  Or contact me at if you would like to stamp with friends by hosting your own Workshop right here in my craft room!  No cleaning up, no dishes or extra work for you....just invite your friends over, bring a snack and have some fun. Your friends get to "make and take" a card and you get all the hostess benefits and rewards.  


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