Monday, September 12, 2016

Sleepy Head

This past weekend, I went to visit one of my son's high school friends, as he welcomed the birth of his first child.  I can't believe these kids are all grown up now and having children themselves.  Feels like last week they were all playing road hockey in the street, grabbing hot cookies off the cooling rack or yelling at each other in my basement over a video game.  Here is the little gift I made him and the card to go with it.

My gift was an Amigurumi crocheted stuffed toy called Sleepy Head which I made.  If you would like the pattern for this, comment below and I will send you the youtube link on how to make it.  If you are interested to know what I used to make the cute card....see product list below.  As always, click on a small picture to take you directly to my website to order.

Product List

Colourful Cards Class is this Friday so if you are interested in learning how to make your own cards....simply follow the link in the CLASSES AND EVENTS tab above to register.  

Or if you fancy hosting your own Workshop - in my large craft room - to earn all the hostess credits and me for available September and October dates.  October is filling up fast!!  

Have a great week.

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