Friday, June 1, 2018

June Classes Posted

Good morning everyone, gosh its terribly hot here already in the lovely picturesque village of Merrickville!!  Summer is here!!!!

Also here is the NEW Catalogue!! Click the link in the right hand side of my blog to take you to the PDF version.  Need one of your own, contact me to get one.

ALso my June Classes are posted.  Click here to see them, or the tab above.  I will have the classes up on my Facebook page shortly, so CLICK GOING if you plan to attend!!  

Don't forget, I serve all of Canada for online orders and recruiting.  By the way recruiting does not mean signing your life away, and full on hard core, no, no.  Most of the ladies on my team who just purchase for themselves.  They got to choose $165 worth of product (they picked themselves) for only $135.  FREE SHIPPING and no tax on that first order.  Get a 20-25% discount every time they order...and delivered to their door.  Access to new and upcoming products...and best of all, can attend our Onstage craft events twice a year.  I have to say, that's the most exciting thing for me. Try it for 3 months and see if you like all the benefits!  Contact me for more details if your interested.  

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